iTach Flex Wifi

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Revolutionary Smart Device Provides Control of Almost Any Device through a Network

  • Enables IR appliance (TV, DVD or audio) to be controlled through your Wifi network.
  • Access, monitor, automate, and control standalone equipment
  • Built in IR learning and access commands to cloud-based IR database
  • Web-based control protocol using HTTP
  • Four conductor Global Port allows for versatility using Flex Link cables

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iTach Flex Wifi

Global Caché’s iTach Flex Wifi is an industry first, a smart end-point that WiFi or network enables electrical devices instantly. Attaching a Flex Link Cable to an iTach Flex IP or WiFi Flex adds intelligence to the enabled device, allowing control and automation with your preferred control software or via simple web-based commands.

Global Caché’s iTach Wifi integrate easily with iPhone/iPad/iPod and Android apps. The iTach’s Ethernet w/PoE connectivity, support of 8 simultaneous connections, small form factor, and many other features are the reason why so many iPhone/iPod/iPad and Android developers have chosen to integrate with our hardware.

  • Connects almost any electrical device to a WiFi or wired Ethernet network instantly
  • Connects TV,DVD,Audio, Blu-Ray and Amplifiers WiFi or wired Ethernet network instantly
  • Access, monitor, automate, and control standalone equipment
  • Web-based control protocol using HTTP
  • 4 Megs flash memory – store web pages and files accessible via URL
  • Tiny footprint
  • 4 conductor Flex Link Port allows for versatility using Flex Link cables
  • Built in IR learning and access commands to cloud-based IR database
  • Mounting dock for simple installation
  • Made in the USA and RoHS compliant

Available Flex Link Cables:

Inside the box

  • 1x – Global Cache iTach Flex Wifi
  • 1x – USB Micro Adapter
  • 1x – Wall Power Adapter

Order separate

Get access to

  • Global Cache IR database to learn your appliance’s IR codes.
  • iHelp
  • iConvert
  • iTest
  • iLearn

Click here to download the quick start quide.

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1 review for iTach Flex Wifi

  1. 5 out of 5

    Review on iTach Flex WiFi. I have installed and tested the Global Cache iTach Flex and would like to give quick feedback. A quick start guide is included with each device. Once powered up the device was picked up by the Wifi network. I download the iHelp application from Global Cache( iHelp will search for the device, once found, right click on the device and select configure. The configuration was easy(2 steps) and after assigning a local IP address and selecting the type of cable to be used with this device, I clicked save and the device rebooted. I plugged in the Flex Blaster cable(can use the emitter cable or Serial cable as well) and easily configured this cable in the settings. If your device is not picked up directly by the WiFi network we suggest to download and install this free application. ( The next step was to download the iLearn application from the Global Cache site .( iLearn is easy to use, simply select your device, enter the IP address and click connect. Once connected point the remote control you want to use to the iTach Flex(middle of the device) and press the desired button on the remote control. The iLearn application will immediately "learn" this code and display it in different formats.(Keep on default Global Cache code). Click on edit and this code is copied to the section below. Test by clicking on "send IR" and the iTach will blast this IR signal to your AV device. I copied and pasted all the codes I needed(on/off, volume up/down etc) of the different remotes(TV,DSTV,DVD) and pasted in a word document. The Blaster Cable needs to be pointed to your AV devices.The usual way to aim the blaster is to think of it as an eye on a stick. It meant to be place in a vertical position, with the "eye" pointed as closely as possible at the IR receiver that is intended for. There is an arc of transmission of about 18 degrees down the middle. I placed the Blaster in such a position to point to 3 device simultaneously. The next step was to use these codes in the Fibaro Home Center. I currently have Home Center Lite installed but the iTach works great on HCL,HC2 and Vera. Create a virtual device and enter the name of the remote, enter the IP address you assigned to this device and very important enter 4998 for the TCP port.Click save and thereafter click advanced options. Select the layout of the buttons you need, name the button at lable and simply paste the code you saved previously in the allocated block. Last step was to add this code 0x0D0x0A at the end of the string(this is used to tell Home Center that the line has ended and to send the command) Select "Wait for device response" and click save. And this was it! Using my Galaxy S5 Mini I tested all the buttons first on the local WiFi network and thereafter switched of the phones WiFi to test remotely. OK now that the setup was done I decided to create a "wake me up" scene in the Fibaro User Interface. Must say it felt good this morning waking up by the bedroom light switching on at 30% brightness, my favourite music playing in the TV room and the sound of the kettle boiling in the kitchen. The irrigation system just finished irrigating all the zones and I received a push notification telling me all the sprinklers closed. Time to get up! Welcome to contact me should you need any assistance with the setup. Regards Stephan

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