Fibaro Software Update – Version 4.091 BETA

Resolved issues:
– Charts in Consumption Panel are not aligned
– GPS scenes are not converted to Lua properly
– Firmware Update changelog is not displayed sometimes
– Lack of translations in Diagnostic Panel
– Magic Scene featuring removed device is inoperable
– Magic Scene triggered by battery level is not working
– fibaro:calculateDistance() not working in Virtual Devices
– floating point numbers are not displayed correctly on Virtual Devices labels
– fibaro:countScenes() not working in Virtual Devices
– FIBARO Smoke Sensors imported from Slave Controller, with Gateway Connection feature, displays blank  configuration screen on Master
– Slave Controller, in Gateway Connection feature, can not be deleted from Master if there is no connection
– Some special characters in Magic Scene name may preclude them from saving
– Occasional 503 error after activating Virtual Device buttons
– Alarm Panel is blank if no devices are added

New devices support:
– Enerwave ZWN SC7 version 1.5
– Leviton VRCZ4 version 0.2
– Aspier RF 5 Scene Controller
– RFID Readers: BeNext, Wintop, Zipato
– Envisalink EVL-4CG Plugin (DSC alarm integration)
– FGKF-601
– FGCD-001
– FGWP-102

Other improvements:
– Multiple RGBW devices can be grouped and controlled as one (both with interface and physical switches). Integration is possible in Advanced Configuration of one of RGBW Controllers
– After adding Dimmer, Relay Switch, Wallplug, Roller Shutter or RGBW Controller user can choose controlled device type with pop-up
– Removing device with cross icon from device tile triggers Z-Wave removing process, with possibility of forcing it
– Improved scene information, number of running instances and scene triggered information are displayed on bottom of scene tile.
– Update availability is checked on Home Center booting
– Rooms without devices assigned are displayed in Home, Scenes and Devices tab
– RGBW color can now be set in Magic Scenes
– New filters for displaying hidden devices on Devices tab
– Power management notifications are now visible in Notification Center, for devices that are capable of sending them. e.g. Fibaro Dimmer 2, Fibaro Switch 2
– Z-Wave chip malfunction notification is displayed in Notification Center in case of such event
– New action in Magic Scenes, controlling of lights or roller shutters in rooms, also available in Lua, more details on