Picture this

It’s late and you’re starting to get ready for bed when you realize you have forgotten the t.v. and kitchen lights downstairs on again… Your wife has left the garage door open and you cannot remember if you have locked the front door. No need to get up, just press the ‘Goodnight’ button on your smart phone, tablet or remote control located at your beside. The security system arms, the home theatre shuts down, the downstairs lights are turned off, the garage door closes, the front door locks and the lights in the master bedroom dim slowly to off, allowing you time to settle in for a restful night’s sleep.

Or maybe you arrive home, tired after a long day’s work. With one button press from your smartphone or remote control, your alarm system disarms, your entertainment system turns on to hear your favourite music and the air conditioner activates to set the house to the perfect temperature. Your home automation system does much more than provide safe access. It’s your key to a comfortable and welcoming environment.

There are many lifestyle enhancing benefits to owning your own Automated Smart Home.

With Home Control Systems, homeowners enjoy the efficiency and convenience of all home systems working together as a single, intelligent appliance as opposed to the islands of functionality of traditional homes where lighting has no relationship to climate control or security or any other electrical system. By providing an integrated environment that is essentially a computer network for the home, Home Automation Systems is able to automate most features and make them accessible remotely from a smart phone, tablet or laptop. The homeowner enjoys a new lifestyle of convenience and efficiency that is not possible without a similar system.

The following are only a few of the possibilities achievable with  Home Automation Systems


  • Save electricity and money by turning of lights while you are away.
  • Let the home control unit turn the lights on and off on automatically while you are on holiday or when you arrive home.
  • Let your bedroom lights turn on automatically at the desired time for wake-up.
  • Turn all the selected lights in the house of by clicking a single button on your smart phone, tablet or laptop.
  • Automatically turn a light on or off when you enter a room by installing a motion sensor


Control any of the following devices/appliances from your Smartphone or PC

  • Air condition. Arrive home after work at the temperature you choose. Ensure heating and cooling costs stays low.
  • Home entertainment system (television, dvd player etc).
  • Garage doors and Gate
  • Windows and Blinds. Automatically open the blinds at sunrise.

Alarm Systems

  • Activate and deactivate your alarm system from your smart phone.
  • Create a scene on your Home Control Device to activates events when the alarm is triggered.
  • Turn lights on and off. Be visible from the street.
  • Activate the installed IP cameras to monitor the area where the alarm was triggered.
  • Receive an automate email or push notification to alert you of the alarm.

Smoke Sensors

  • Install a smoke sensor for peace of mind.
  • Receive an automated email or push notification to alert you of the smoke alarm.
  • Open the windows.
  • Turn the air condition system on.
  • Turn the lights on from the whole house to get visibility at night.
  • Unlock the front door.

Flood Sensors

  • Install a flood sensor for peace of mind.
  • Receive an automated email or push notification to alert you of the flood alarm.
  • Never be surprised and arrive home to a burst geyser again, especially when on holiday.

IP Cameras.

  • Monitor your home while away from your smart phone, tablet or laptop.
  • Rest assure and check on your kids and pets.


  • Control and program your irrigation system easily.
  • Install a moist sensor and let your irrigation system automatically water the garden when needed.
  • Save money on your water bill.